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Having a new heating system is great, but you will need the proper maintenance to keep it in perfect shape. The same applies to your boiler. The situation may get worse if your boiler is old. Some complications may become a huge problem that may require emergency boiler repair Long Island engineers to fix your boiler. To make matter worse, if such problem involves the leakage of the water tank, you have a serious issue on your hand. Nevertheless, everything has a solution, so is it for your boiler. Irrespective the current problem, there are solutions and you will have them here.


Common boiler problems and solutions

Pressure Issues

Every boiler comes with a unique fitted pressure outlet pipe. This outlet is a little pipe, which is connected to the side of the boiler without fittings. It sometimes drips water and enables the pressure within the boiler to flow out. The drips may occasional be normal and most people consider this as a sign of leakage. However, if this occurs, it means your boiler may collapse or explode. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do, no problem. Just call a professional emergency boiler repair Long Island tech you may know. In some cases, you may experience irregular dripping of water, in the most situation; the boiler through this discharges surplus pressure from the system. You will be required to minimize the boiler pressure if the water in the tank is below the boiler. Check with Energy Star for the most energy-efficient boilers. Click here for non-emergency boiler repair on Long Island.

Damaged Seals

Beside your pressure problem, another issue with water leakage from your boiler is damaged seals. Once the seal is damaged, it gives room for water to escape via the boiler pump to the broken seals. In this case, you need an expert to replace both the pump and seals to avert the problem.

Loose Joints

After using your boiler for some time, you may experience joint loosing. The tendency of leaking for your boiler is high especially during the expansion and contraction of the cold and hot water. Check every fitting and ascertaining that the tubes and pipes that connect outside and into the boiler is perfect.

Cracks in the Boiler Body

Cracks within the boiler occur mostly to boilers that have aged. This happens because the metal has developed damage and stress fatigues. It will be evident especially if it is the primary source of water leakage. Avoid repeated cooling and warming because it will make the metal pieces to contract and expand. In the end, the boiler will fail you by splitting or cracking. Even a little crack on a particular section is not a minor problem. It could be expensive repairing such crack or splitting. If you need your boiler urgently, then you may consider calling us to do the replacement.

We repair all boiler brands including Ajax, A.O. Smith, Armstrong, Bell & Gossett, Bock Water Heaters, Bryan, Burnham, Columbia, Enervex, Grundfos, Peerless, Precision, Weil-McClain, and more!