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A Service Contract can mean the difference between shivering in a cold house and relaxing in a warm one

With our service contract you can have peace of mind knowing that our technicians will be ready to serve you even on the coldest days! 24 hour 7 day a week emergency service is included. Our contract helps ensure that you’re achieving maximum comfort system efficiency while shielding you from expensive, out-of-pocket costs. Most of all, our plans provide valuable protection of your home comfort system and peace of mind for you and your family.

Service plan benefits include annual preventive maintenance (your tune-up), prompt, around-the-clock emergency response, as well as “priority response” over other customers not enrolled in a plan. Our comprehensive service plans also cover thousands of dollars worth of system parts, as well as labor. Our service plans are affordably priced and renewable yearly.

Our service contract includes an Annual Preventative Maintenance:

• Disconnect and check flue pipesoil-companies-long-island
Clean chimney base
• Clean boiler/furnace flue passages
• Clean and adjust burner
• Replace nozzle, filter & pump strainer
• Clean oil lines
• Visually inspect all wiring
• Check all electronic controls
• Replace filter (electronic and media filters not included)
• Test for safe operation
• Check efficiency

Maintenances must be scheduled Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. Evening and weekend appointments are reserved for emergency service only to keep our response time as fast as possible.

Suggestions when leaving your home for an extended period of time:
Use of a central monitoring service, automatic monitoring system, installation of antifreeze in heating system, shut off water main and drain domestic water. For further information regarding freeze-up protection, go to www.Dominofuel.com.

Freeze-ups: Domino Fuel does not warrant that the heating system will work properly all of the time. The customer needs to notify Domino Fuel of system failure immediately. Domino Fuel is not responsible for freeze-ups or frozen pipes and subsequent damage due to a freeze-up. In order to minimize the potential damage Domino Fuel recommends that someone be at your home on a daily basis checking that the heating system is working properly.

Terms and Conditions

The contract is valid for one year from the date of sign up.

This contract can be withdrawn by us if upon inspection it is determined that the equipment is not in proper working order or no longer serviceable. During the term of this agreement any and all service on the equipment must be performed by Domino Fuel. If any work is performed by anyone other than  Domino Fuel this contract will be void without refund of any kind.

Domino Fuel will perform service as quickly as possible under normal conditions; we assume  no liability for delays beyond our control or the consequences of such delays.

This contract does not cover “acts of god” such as floods and storms, water leaks or power outages, clogged air filters or any other repair due to misuse. Running out of oil, no heat due to sludge conditions, and water in the oil tank are not covered by this agreement. Also, service calls that are diagnosed to be no electric to the unit, thermostat set incorrectly, circuit breaker tripped, or emergency switch turned off will be chargeable calls.

Any service not covered will be billed at a DISCOUNTED RATE of rate of $90.00/hr and must be paid in full at the time the work is completed. Parts will be billed out at Domino Fuel’s purchased price.

Parts not covered include but are not limited to: smoke pipe, motorized flue damper, heating pipes and valves, domestic pipes and valves, baseboard, radiators, aquastat, 3 piece circulators, circulator relays, zone valves, zone valve end switch.