When It’s Time To Replace Your Oil Tank Gauge – Call Us

Tank Gauge Replacement Made Easy

The gauge on your oil tank gives readings based on how much fuel is left. It’s also the first place to check if something doesn’t seem right. a clear sign something s up is your gauge showing a full tank when your boiler won’t come on.

What Causes Oil Tank Gauges To Malfunction?

oil tank gauge replacement long islandA damaged gauge cover leaves it prone to heating oil leaking in. This, in turn, jams the float/indicator (in the case of older non-digital models), preventing it from giving an accurate reading. Other issues that occur are broken and dislocated parts which can be put down to general wear and tear over time. The question is, should you try and set these small parts in place or go to the trouble of purchasing new individual parts for the gauge? Our advice would be to simply replace your gauge as it’s really not worth the trouble of attempting to source individual parts. If you need a replacement installation, give us a call at 631-779-3196 and one of our maintenance technicians will come over to your property to take care of the stressful procedure of fitting a new gauge.

The Importance of a Properly Functioning Oil Tank Gauge

Heating maintenance tends to be pretty low on our list of priorities. The daily grind presents 101 things to keep us occupied a day making it easy to forget to make regular oil tank checks. At times it happens, things slip to the point that repairs are necessary such as replacing the oil tank gauge. It can feel like just another burden on an already busy schedule, then there is the confusion and frustration of working out what gauge is the best fit from a vast range of products. All we need at Domino Fuel is the name, model, and specs of your oil tank and gauge. Our experience stretches back over four decades and our technicians are fully proficient with all types of heating system from older and defunct models to the latest top of the range HVACs and boilers.

We can send one of our friendly consultants to your residence in Long Island, Nassau & Suffolk County to examine your heating system. Our advice is 100% impartial, we want your boiler or HVAC to last and will never use nor advice using sub par replacement parts. whether it’s a traditional gauge or a modern LED monitor you need, we can source the best model, fit or retrofit it for you, all at affordable rates and on the same day.

Regular Checks Can Make All The Difference So Take The Time

Of course, we always recommend regular checks on your oil tank, at least 3-4 times a month depending on the season. Keep an eye out for potential leaks or damage caused by the weather. Don’t let the tank run dry as this can lead to blocked pipes, make sure the gauge is working properly, if it’s not, give us a call and we will take the stress out of installing a new gauge.