We Repair Boiler Or Burner Water Leaks – FAST!

Does your boiler leak water when turned off?  Is your Long Island oil burner leaking water from the bottom? Does your boiler or burner have any kind of water leak and you can’t fix it? The good news if you are a Long Island resident is we are a call away from fixing or servicing your heating system. We can also offer advice on how to keep your equipment safe from damage, wear and tear. And we won’t keep you waiting when you desperately need emergency repairs at your property. In this article, we will take a look at some of the common causes of boiler and burner water leaks.

Water Leaks Caused By Pressure

The most commonplace boilers in most NYC properties are forced hot water or steam systems. Heating systems work by pumping hot water around a series of pipes. As a result, pipes can erode and start to leak over time. Small leaks can repaired or temporarily blocked but excessive leakage is a scene of potentially damaged or broken pipes.

Boiler Seals

The ‘seals’ in Boiler systems are rubber rings who as their name suggests, ‘seal’ the connection points between pipes. Over prolonged periods, they can loosen or deteriorate to a point where water starts to leak.

Cracks In The Heating System Due To Fatigue

Continuous contraction and expansion from years of warming and cooling the system can cause cracks in the actual bodywork itself which will trigger water leaks. In this scenario, the heater will usually be beyond repair and need replacing.

Some Reasons For A Leaking Furnace

  • Water leaks in your furnace could be down to a few reasons
  • The condensation tubing is cracked
  • A failed secondary heat exchanger
  • The humidifier leaking inside the furnace itself
  • Internal drain system cloggage

So, if you begin to notice puddles or pools of water with a bad odour gathering around your heater or where the pipes run around your property or outside the property- it’s time to make that call and get your boiler or burner repaired.

Notwithstanding the dangers associated with leaking boilers and burners such as carbon monoxide poisoning (water leakage affects the ability of the fuel in your heater to burn properly) and damage to your residence- a faulty boiler or furnace will quite literally leave you in the cold or at the mercy of  roasting mid summer temperatures. It may be tempting to try and avoid the problem due to financial concerns but you need to protect the vulnerable members of your household. If you have a business, you won’t want to drive your customers away by the sight of leakage or the lack of air conditioning or heating.

Don’t let things get out of hand, give us a call on to discuss preventative measures and for urgent repairs. By calling us, you will have the peace of mind that comes from hiring licensed professionals with extensive experience and the requisite knowledge plus swift call outs and prices you can afford.