Fast Boiler Repair Service on Long Island

According to recent studies plumbing is one of the most costly home services when a major break down occurs. We strongly advise our clients to have their boiler serviced once a year regardless of the age of their unit.

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Our technicians will closely work with you to assure the safety and optimal working condition of your boiler

Our service covers entire Long Island from Montauk to Hempstead, please ask our technicians about payment options where you can make payments 6 months after the service date.

We akso provide heating oil delivery, burner service and furnace repair on Long Island New York.

We may also have a technician in your area for quick response without any extra fees.

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Our services include:

  • Boiler repair
  • Boiler service
  • Boiler replacement
  • Boiler installation

24/7 Emergency Boiler Repair Service Available

Frequently asked questions

What is the Average boiler price in long island?

Average price for a boiler is between $800- $1,200 + installing cots we install any boiler of client choose

How can I reset my boiler?

Before you reset your boiler follow the safety steps such as : check for leaks, check for electrical wires and read manufacturer manual.

Where can I find a dependable service company?

We have been around for many years with hundreds satisfied clients and Our services are guaranteed 30 days after our technician performs the work on your boiler unit.

 What is the average cost for boiler repair or service call on Long island?

We charge between $120 – $200 depending on the situation

How often does my boiler need service?

It’s recommended to have an annual service for your boiler

Why does my boiler shut off?

Your boiler may shut off for many reasons; such as electric connection,  dirty heating oil suction from the tank due to bottom sludge after a delivery or an old oil tank may cause malfunction.

Top Energy savings tips for boilers!

Get tune up every year

Turn off your boiler when no one is home for a prolonged period of time

Use quality number #2 heating oil