Same-Day Boiler Circulation Pump Replacement Service – Call for Circulator Repair

Is the boiler circulator pump in your Long Island home buzzing? Is it hot to the touch or leaking water? Is it making a terrible noise? These are all signs it needs replacing and a good reason to call us up. We will take you through the who, what, where, why and how regarding this vital piece of equipment and the trouble shooting issues to be aware of.

What Is A  Boiler Circulator Pump?

boiler-circulator-pumpThe purpose of this pump is to to take hot water from your boiler and transfer it it on to your radiators and convection heaters. As the rather rather self explanatory name suggests, it pumps and circulates water around your property, a function essential to keeping your residence warm. Should the pump cease to function, the process of heating your home will also cease.

So what can cause the pump to break or to malfunction?

1. The Boiler Is Hot But The Radiators Are Cold And No Hot Water Is Coming Out Of The Faucets.

The above mentioned scenario is a clear sign something is wrong with the circular pump. It could be that valves are damaged, in which case a replacement will be necessary. It could also be the case that the cold/hot water pressure needs to be reset to stop it over burdening the pump.

2. Boiler Circulator Pump Making Noise

If the pump is making a lot of noise it may be down to excess air trapped in the pump which can be remedied using a bleeder valve. Another possibility is loose bearings, shake the pump to hear if the bearings are rattling around inside.

3. Water Leaking From Boiler Circulating Pump

If you notice pools of water situated underneath the circular pump, this means the water pressure has loosened the flanges or joins. Excessive pressure may have ruptured the pump leaving holes where the water can leak.  Caulking can work as a temporary fix but eventually the pump will need to be replaced.

Having looked at the problems that can arise, we advise regular checks on the circular pump, especially as it is such an important component of your heating system. We also advise calling an experienced technician to carry out a replacement, something our licensed and courteous maintenance specialists are more than glad to do. There are dangers associated with carrying out such work that trained professionals are aware of like the potential risks of scalding and skin burns from escaping hot steam. We also do all other types of heating repairs.

A few extra dollars won’t hurt in the long run compared to risky home repair attempts. We provide an affordable service, same day appointments and our workers come with over four decades of experience in fixing boilers and furnaces in Long Island and the surrounding areas. Call us for quotes, consultation and speedy pump replacements using the best tools and the best parts. We will ensure that your boiler is set to the right water pressure and fitted with the right pump for your heating system. At the first sign of any trouble, get in contact.