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Our many years of experience serving on Long Island allow us to offer our clients the best services at lower prices than other companies in the area. We use the best quality materials to fix your furnace. 

Call today to book your furnace repair or furnace cleaning appointment – same-day appointments available.

Why choose us for Your Furnace Repairs in Long Island

burner-replacementBecause we work only with professional and friendly technicians who are extensively trained and always use the most reliable parts that last you longer than aftermarket parts other companies may use to repair your furnace.

Your benefits for using our Furnace repair Technicians:

  • Experienced and Professional Furnace repair Technicians
  • Low cost high Quality furnace parts
  • Dependable  company in Business since 1989
  • Timely work schedules
  • Best Preventative furnace service in Long Island

Emergency furnace repair on Long Island, New York

When sudden problems occurs during cold winter it is even harder to find an emergency repair service by fixing your selves may cause additional damage to your furnace there we strongly recommend to have your furnace serviced before the winter.  Our technicians work late nights and early mornings in order to keep our clients warm. Also see oil tank removal Long Island

FAQS – Questions and answers about your Furnace unit

What happens when my furnace smells strange?

In some cases dust around your furnace burns and this creates a weird smell, before shutting off your furnace unit make sure your furnace is dust free.

If dust doesn’t seem to be the problem you should shut off your furnace and call us immediately at 631-779-3196

If furnace smells are not taken seriously it may even be the cause a fire. Always refer to your manufacturer’s furnace manual .

Are furnace repairs costly?

Furnace repairs can be costly therefore we strongly recommend using us for an annual tune up and preventative maintenance to prevent potential problems in the future.

How much does a regular service for furnace cost?

Furnace service may cost anywhere from $139 to $300 depending on the brand and size of your unit.

How long does it take after booking a service for the technician to arrive?

In regular work schedule we serve houses on the same day as long as the booking is done before 10 am. In some case we may have delays due to inclement weather or high demand.

How often should my furnace be serviced?

Your furnace should be serviced once a year in order to minimize the risk of costly repairs later on.

*Appointments availability may vary