Furnace Not Working? You May Need A Prime And Start Service – Call For Same-Day Service

Oil burner/Furnace users in Long Island need to be aware of the importance of keeping the heating oil topped up. The few minutes it takes to check on the tank will save a lot of discomfort in the long run. If for any reason you are unable to carry out regular checks and the tank runs low or empty, there are some hazards to consider. When a furnace runs dry, chances are the oil lines will clog up with sludge and air. Blockages may stop your furnace restarting even after a refill. This is where a professional prime and start service comes in. So, if you have refilled your furnace and find it won’t switch back on, first carry out some essential checks. If the problem persists, give Domino Fuel a call at 631-779-3196 and book a same day call out, sit back and await the swift arrival of one of our Furnace repair Technicians.

Check The Gauge To See If Your Furnace Needs A Prime And Start

If your tanks gauge indicates oil is running low or is empty, carry out a refill and attempt a restart, assuming your furnace doesn’t restart by itself. If the furnace still won’t start up, the safest bet is to contact a technician. Keep notes of your attempts to fix the problem, detailing what steps you took in case the repair person needs them.

What Happens Next?

Our maintenance professional will conduct a thorough inspection of your heating unit, examine all the parts to ensure they function correctly and how best to restart the furnace. It could be that oil trapped in the pipes needs to be ‘bled’ in a similar fashion to bleeding radiators.

The extraction of trapped fuel should be enough to get your heater running but in some exceptional cases, a more complex problem could be stopping it from switching back on. Any number of faults may arise from a clogged filter to damaged fuel lines or wiring.

Along with our emergency prime-start services, Domino Fuel also provides affordable emergency oil delivery meaning we can top up your oil and fix your furnace issues at the same time. When it comes to replacing parts, we use the best parts for your heater because we want it to last, not to break down continuously.

Our workers pride themselves on good communication, if you need to ask anything, feel free. They will be happy to explain the issues with your furnace in a jargon free manner and advise on the best preventative measures.

Oil Delivery And Furnace Maintenance Packages

The cost of repairs to vital home equipment frightens us all, but don’t let that put you off. You will need your AC during heat waves and your heating during the harsh winter months. Contact us to discuss your unique financial needs, a year round cost spreading oil delivery and furnace maintenance package might be the perfect fit for you and your family.