Need Efficiency Testing for Your Furnace? Call Us.

Oil burner efficiency testing or combustion testing is carried out to make sure you, your property and your loved ones are 100% safe from the potential hazards that can arise from using heating systems like furnaces and boilers. It is absolutely essential these tests are carried out on a regular basis. The following things need to be monitored and checked:

  • Carbon monoxide
  • Fuel oil Smoke
  • Excess air
  • Stack temperature
  • Draft
  • Possible Nitrogen Dioxide and Sulphur Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide Checks

Carbon dioxide checks are performed to find out if the flue gas content is either too low or too high. If it’s too low, this could mean the burner nozzle is too small or there is air leaking into the furnace/boiler or insufficient under fire in the combustion chamber. If it’s too high, the reasons for that may be not enough draft or the burner overfiring.

Fuel Oil Burner Smoke

If smoke is being generated from flue gas, the burner is under performing. Causes for this include the formation of soot on heating surfaces, a lack of draft, a wrongly adjusted draft regulator, sub standard fuel supply, a faulty fuel pump, an inoperative firebox, the oil burner/nozzle is not the correct size, uncontrolled air leakage on the boiler/furnace or a fuel to air ratio unsuitable to the heating system.

Net Stack Temperature

The differentiation between the flue gas within the chimney and the room temperature outside the burner is referred to “net stack temperature” The average stack temperature is 330-500F and anything above 700F is too high. such excessively high temperature could be down to the furnace itself being too small, the combustion chamber being too small or having defects, too much draft, the burner being overfired and other causes similar to those mentioned above.

It is extremely important these checks are carried out as a customary practice. They should only be carried out by genuine licensed technicians with the proper equipment and the proper know how. All Domino Fuel technicians are licensed and thoroughly trained in combustion testing. We operate in the areas of Long Island, Suffolk County & Nassau. we guarantee our customers a fair price, meticulous inspection of your heating system and the assurance that we will locate and rectify any problems we find. Stay out of danger and have the certainty your HVAC/boiler is in perfect working order by hiring an affordable professional service from Domino Fuel.