Obtain a FREE, no-obligation estimate for oil to gas conversion

Oil to gas conversion on Long Island, NY – How it works:

1. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed plumbers

2. We’ll help you arrange for the installation of your new heating equipment – this step is only necessary if your home is not connected to natural gas.

3. Complete the “Request for Service Agreement” form to install a gas service line to the house.

4. Have a licensed plumber complete the Heating Equipment Order Form. Once the completed paperwork with payment is submitted to National Grid, the equipment will be released for delivery. However, if you need to install or upgrade the gas service line to your house, your equipment will be released after all the service line work is complete.

5. Have heating equipment installed and inspected

6. National Grid inspects the installation and sets metering equipment. Gas service is turned on provided local inspections are complete.

Advantages of switching from oil to natural gas on Long Island

1. SAVE UP TO 50% on new high-efficiency gas heating equipment and run up to 30% more efficiently.

2. Choose quality heating equipment from trusted makers like Burnham or Goodman at low discounted prices.

3. The peace of mind that comes from a fuel that emits up to 40% less carbon and up to 99.9% less sulfur than oil. And, because natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel, it not only uses energy more efficiently, it frees your home of soot, fumes and sulphur dioxide making your home cleaner, and the world greener.

Get connected with a natural gas service line installed by one of our skilled crews (if your home is not yet connected to natural gas)

Convert to natural gas and take your home to a new level of comfort. The comfort of knowing your equipment is 30% more efficient. Take the first step toward a natural gas heating system now. Taking these next steps for your home will cut your carbon footprint, cut our dependence on foreign oil and cut your heating costs.

Natural Gas is Economical and Efficient

Natural gas is one of the most convenient and economical energy sources we have.

It’s piped directly to the customer’s facility through a safe, efficient pipeline system. There’s no need to store oil on site in tanks, or schedule oil deliveries.

While the price and supply of oil is susceptible to international events, and over half of the oil used in this country is imported, there is an abundant supply of domestic natural gas.

Natural gas is reliable. The pipeline system can’t be easily damaged by weather or affected by weather conditions. In contrast, oil must be trucked to the customer’s location, and truck deliveries are susceptible to weather conditions.

Costs of oil to gas conversion

Natural gas costs much less than oil, and given the constant rise in oil costs, that doesn’t seem likely to change in the future. Thus, a home can be heated by natural gas much more cost-effectively than if the same home used oil for heating. However, due to the high cost of converting your home from oil to gas, it may take a few years for you to reap the financial benefits. If your furnace isn’t a candidate for simple burner replacement, you might need to purchase and install an entirely new furnace. You might need an upgrade to your existing gas line. If your home doesn’t have a gas line, your heating technician will have to install one from scratch. All of this to say: Don’t expect your new gas furnace to pay for itself for several years.