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Emergency Oil Burner Service Long IslandAn oil burner is an efficient and cost-effective heating unit. Oil burners are known for their safety and uniform heating abilities. In the course of the life of an oil burner, there are certain safety measures to take into consideration. This will reduce the likelihood of any injuries or accident and keep you safe. What are these safety tips before calling an emergency oil burner service Long Island company?

  1. Avoid Blocking Registers

Make sure that no registers are blocked. Cleaning it properly is vital for the operation of your burner.

2. Ensure optimum operation of your oil burner

The primary function of the oil burner is to produce heat therefore the oil has to burn completely without any remaining. You will experience black smoke discharging from your chimney if the oil did not burn completely. Once you observe deposit of soot, these are signs that your oil burner isn’t functioning as it should. In this case, it is advisable to consult a professional to do proper maintenance and repairs.

3. Clean the pump and change filters frequently

Your oil burner may have oil filters and strainers to keep the debris and dirt away. When you do this, you will ensure it is not only smooth but also working efficiently. Clean the oil burner pump strainer and filter at least once a month. This will help in avoiding any form of blockage and will keep the oil flowing as smooth as possible. An emergency oil burner service long island may not be necessary if you carry out this efficiently and effectively.

4. Don’t keep any combustible material close

Do not keep inflammable liquids or combustible materials within close proximity to your oil burner. Not only do they operate at a low temperature, there is the likelihood of fire being generated by them.

5. Avoid repairing or replacing parts yourself

Yes, we wired with the do-it-yourself mentality but there are limits to what you can do on your own. When your oil burner has issues, try contacting a professional if you don’t want to endanger your system. It is very hard to detect the source of the problem when you are unprofessional. Trying to do it yourself or experimenting with the oil burner may void your warranty and cause serious accidents.

6. Contact a Professional

In the event where the oil burner refuses to light up after following the various instruction enlisted in the owner’s manual, consulting a professional oil burner cleaner may be a good investment. When it is necessary, consider refilling the tank if it is empty. Also, clean the filter, pump strainer, control stack, and air blower. Also, confirm that the oil burner belts are intact and clean. Besides this, checking the thermostat level if you want your burner to last longer. Don’t try repairing or replacing any parts of the burner yourself.

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