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Does your heating unit need a tune-up? Did you know that your heating system needs yearly tune-ups to work efficiently? A tuned heating system is not only more efficient but it can also save you up to 10% on your heating bill. Need boiler parts to fix your existing boiler? Or thinking about replacing your old boiler with a new one? We do it all – no job is too big or small!

Our Full Service Burner Tuneup includes:long-island-oil-companies

  • Adjust burner and controls
  • Vacuum smoke pipe and heating unit
  • Oil motors if necessary
  • Replace your nozzle, filter and strainer
  • Clean  flue passages
  • Visually inspect all wiring
  • Check all electronic controls
  • Test for safe operation


Your heating system needs regular maintenance in order to operate efficiently. Oil burners are complex machines that need yearly tune-ups to ensure they’re functioning properly.  The best time to get your burner serviced is before the cold season starts. Without regular tune-ups for your oil burner you may face considerably higher costs related to repairs and breakdown. Keep in mind that a burner service is much cheaper than a repair and we strongly advise all our customers to ensure their burners are serviced annually.oil_furnace-repair-long-island

A burner tune-up will not only improve the efficiency of your burner but it will actually save you money because the more efficient your burner is the less oil it will burn.

The Importance of Oil Burner Service

In addition to the obvious advantages like minimizing the chance of malfunctions and breakdowns, a burner service also offer these benefits:

Saving Money

Regular tune-ups can improve your burner efficiency as much as 10% meaning you’ll save on heating oil and heating costs. You’ll also lower your risk of needing repairs.

Improved Safety

An annual burner service ensures that your heating system is safe and your oil burner would be far less likely to cause any unwanted damage.

Energy Efficiency

As mentioned above you’ll be able to save up to 10% on heating oil which is not only good for the environment but also great for your wallet, too!

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To learn more about how oil-fired furnces and boilers operate please visit the Energy.gov website

We also offer oil burner contracts – call to learn more!

Our Long Island boiler repair service include:

  • Boiler Tune-ups
  • Residential Boiler Installation & Removal
  • Commercial Boiler Installation & Removal
  • Used Boiler Sections & Parts
  • Boiler Repair
  • Heating Repair/Maintenance

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COD Oil Long Island

Oil burner service is necessary every year to prevent issues with your heating system. Domino saves the hassle of costly burner repairs by offering an affordable and professionally done burner service including installation, maintenance and repair, tune-ups and clean-outs.

Oil Burner Tune-Up

Scheduling a burner tune-up is one of the smartest decisions a homeowner can make – a tuned-up burner is not only safe and efficient but it also restores it to the optimal operating capacity. Our service technician will inspect your burner first, and replace any worn, damaged or faulty parts. Your burner performance will also be optimized by adjusting air intake, electrodes and oil burner flame.

Oil Burner Clean-Out

A burner should be cleaned out every year. While performing a burner clean-out our service technician may replace several parts such as the nozzle, oil filter and the oil pump strainer. In addition, he will also vacuum and clean other parts of your system, and also clean out the lines which will improve your burner’s performance.

Oil Burner Installation

Purchasing and installing a new oil burner can be costly and complex – fortunately our technicians are extensively trained and capable of working with any brand burner you may choose to install in your home or business.

Oil Burner Repair in Suffolk and Nassau Counties – Emergency service available

Burners tend to go out at the worst possible time, usually when it’s the coldest. Our service technicians can diagnose your burner problem fast and repair it accordingly. Our trucks are stocked with a wide variety of burner parts so chances are we can fix your burner issue on the spot right away.

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