Coil Replacement Service for Oil Boilers on Long Island

A very common wear and tear issue, especially with older boilers, is the hot water coil. The coil plays an essential role in ensuring your home or property gets the hot water it needs. This small, seemingly unimportant part can be found on the oil burner, it’s job is to transfer heat from the burner to the water. As a result of performing this specific task, the coil can become clogged with soot, limescale and can also erode over time causing leaks. While soot and limescale can be removed through cleaning, a worn down, leaking coil will need to be replaced.

Clean Or Replace?

Depending on what is clogging up the coil, a maintenance professional could be required. If limescale or minerals have built up over time, a technique known as ‘acid flushing’ is commonly used to remedy the impediment. As the name suggests, this involves the use of highly corrosive acid and necessitates the use of protective clothing and a great deal of precision and care. If you’re not sure about trying this yourself, always be safe. Give Domino Fuel a call on 631-779-3196 and leave the work to one of our experienced furnace technicians.

Bearing in mind that complications with the coil are more likely to occur in older boiler models including defunct and discontinued systems-cleaning may not be possible. As the coils in older models are fastened with nuts and bolts, often in a complex left slanting way, attempts to unfasten them will be a waste of time and energy and could damage your boiler.

Don’t Try This At Home!

If it possible to replace the coil, the procedure itself is a complicated one nest carried out by a professional. In order to replace the coil, a technician will need to shut down the system, drain any excess fluid and open up the storage tank. Particular care needs to be taken when replacing coils in a propane fueled heater, another reason why this really is best left to the pros!

Call Us With Your Concerns

Such a vital piece of equipment needs to be maintained and in the case of an emergency, will need to be replaced. Call one of our customer advisers to discuss any concerns you have, to consult with a technician or for impartial advice on what to to do if you think your coil might need cleaning or you need a replacement. We’re on call 24/7 and never far away from your property. Having some notes to hand regarding any issues you’re having and your boilers model and specifications will significantly speed up the process of carrying out repairs. Our promise is to deliver an unrivalled service and use the best parts with no exceptions. Whatever concerns you have, you can talk to us, whether it’s day or night. Keep 631-779-3196 stored in your phone book for an affordable, reputable and reliable maintenance service for all types of boilers and heaters.