For homeowners in Suffolk and Nassau County looking to sell their property or simply ensure their abandoned oil tank meets regulations, obtaining an oil tank abandonment certificate is a necessary step. This abandonment certificate document provides proof that the tank has been properly decommissioned, giving potential buyers and local authorities peace of mind. To begin the process, homeowners should contact a reputable company specializing in oil tank services, such as Domino Fuel.

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The Process for Issuing an Oil Tank Abandonment Certificate

1.The first step in obtaining an abandonment certificate is scheduling an inspection. At Domino Fuel, we will visit the property to assess the tank’s condition and verify that it has been abandoned correctly. Our inspection typically involves locating the tank, which may be underground or in a crawl space, and examining its exterior for any signs of damage or leaks.

2.Once the initial assessment is complete, we will open the tank to inspect its interior. Our primary concern is ensuring that the tank has been filled with an appropriate material, such as foam, sand or concrete slurry. This filling process is essential to prevent the tank from collapsing or shifting over time, which could lead to soil contamination or structural issues on the property.

3.If we determine that the tank has been properly abandoned and filled, we will proceed to issue a certificate of abandonment. This document typically includes details such as the tank’s location, size, and the date of inspection. It may also outline the methods used to decommission the tank and confirm that the process adheres to local regulations and industry standards.

Homeowners should keep this certificate in a safe place, as it may be required during the home selling process or for local government records. Having an oil tank abandonment certificate not only facilitates smoother real estate transactions but also provides assurance that the property complies with environmental regulations. For those considering abandoning their oil tank or seeking certification for a previously abandoned tank, contacting Domino Fuel is the best way to ensure the job is done correctly and all necessary documentation is obtained.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need an oil tank abandonment certificate?

A: An oil tank abandonment certificate is necessary to prove that your underground oil tank has been properly decommissioned. This is often required when selling your home, refinancing, or for local regulatory compliance.

Q: How long does the inspection and certification process take?

A: At Domino Fuel, we typically complete the inspection and issue the certificate within 1-2 business days, depending on scheduling and the complexity of the tank’s location.

Q: What if my tank hasn’t been properly abandoned?

A: If we find that your tank hasn’t been correctly abandoned, we can provide services to properly decommission it before issuing the certificate. This may involve cleaning, filling, or removing the tank, depending on its condition and local regulations.

Q: How long is an oil tank abandonment certificate valid?

A: Once issued, the certificate is typically valid indefinitely, as it certifies a one-time process. However, some municipalities or buyers might request a recent certificate, so it’s best to check local requirements.

Q: Can you issue a certificate for a tank that was abandoned years ago?

A: Yes, we can inspect and certify tanks that were abandoned in the past, provided they meet current standards. If the tank doesn’t meet standards, we’ll advise on necessary steps to bring it into compliance.

Q: What information is included on the abandonment certificate?

A: Our certificates typically include the property address, tank location, size, and type, the date of inspection, the method of abandonment, and confirmation that the process meets current regulations and industry standards.

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