Oil Tank Vent Alarm Installation & Replacement on Long Island

Why You Need A Properly Working Oil Tank Vent Alarm

To have a properly working vent alarm is absolutely vital. The vent alarm serves as a warning to ensure your oil tank isn’t overfilled. It does this by pushing air into a a gauge with a float that whistles when the tank is full. Any kind of damage to this part will result in your oil delivery people  not knowing when the tank if full and in worst case scenarios, your tank could burst.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Vent Alarm?

There are many benefits to having a vent alarm. The cost of cleaning up oil leakage from your basement (or wherever the oil tank is situated) is high and the process itself is a lengthy one.


What Stops A Vent Alarm Working Properly?

Common causes for vent alarm malfunction include the float sticking to the side of the gauge or damaged parts. Size also matters, if the vent is too small, the air will not be able to travel through it properly meaning inaccurate oil level readings and the even more disastrous scenario mentioned above.

Who Can Install A Vent Alarm For Me?

We can! Along with our affordable and reliable licensed oil delivery service, we can check to see if your vent alarm is in working order. If it simply needs a clean or some parts replacing, we can take care of that. If a replacement installation is needed, we can take care of that too. Effectively, we offer a comprehensive all in one package of oil delivery along with tank inspection including checking such vitals as the vent alarm. Better to leave it trained professionals if you’re unsure of what to do. You don’t want to deal with oil leaking all over the place nor will you want to cough up the couple of thousand or so dollars for a new tank if the leakage is ignored.

It may be tempting to have a go at trying to figure out how to do the installation using the often complicated manuals that come with heating equipment or by following YouTube videos. The fact is, most of those You Tube videos are made by boiler and furnace technicians who have way more than a rudimentary understanding of how oil tanks and heaters work. Ultimately, it’s not worth the risk. It’s much easier to let a maintenance professional look at your heating system, ascertain the best vent alarm to fit taking into consideration model, size etc.  There may even be some drilling and replacement of pipes needed if your tank is situated below ground. Call us for a quote if you think you might need a new vent alarm installation or just have a chat with one of our friendly servicemen when they come to make your oil delivery (if you are a regular oil delivery customer). We act as consummate professionals, we never try to cut corners and always to provide our customers with the best value meaning we will carry out an installation that will last.