What You Need to Know Before Buying a New Furnace

You are noticing that your old furnace loses its efficiency quickly and repairs are more frequent and more expensive. These are all clear signs that you need to replace it.

Before you start looking for furnaces on the web you should know that an oil burner is not something you just order online and schedule installation. You need to know which furnace power is the best for your home. And it’s not just about size. Layout of rooms, quality of insulation, doors and windows, your own lifestyles and habits are among many factors which determine your actual heating needs.

The smartest option is to find a qualified furnace contractor who can thoroughly examine your home and offer the best furnace choice. This will be best in the long run as buying an excessively large furnace will be a waste of money, while buying a low power furnace will cost you even more through need for very frequent operation, excess consumption and frequent maintenance.

How to decide what type of furnace fits your needs best

burner-replacementTo find out which furnace best suits your home, find a certified technician to perform a “Manual J calculation”. This calculation takes most of the factors aforementioned into account.

Efficiency is a measure which shows how much calories from the fuel are turned into heat and delivered to the home. Modern furnaces, regardless of the source have efficiency of 90% or more.

New oil heat furnaces are highly efficient, and their efficiency can be compared to gas or propane furnaces. Another reason why you should stick with oil heat is that oil furnaces are much cheaper than gas or propane ones and can last much longer.

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Another option is to install a heat pump which can chill your home during summer. However, the initial cost of a heat pump is much greater than that of a furnace, and even if you install a separate air conditioner, a heat pump can be more expensive than both a furnace and an air conditioner. Also, bear in mind that a heat pump lacks efficiency during very cold days, so you will still need another heating system to serve as a backup when needed.

New Furnace Cost

Most furnaces cost from $4000 to over $8000, which includes the system, installation and labor. You can add to this the cost of programmable thermostats, which also save you money in the long term.  Seek multiple bids from various contractors in your area to get the best price, but opt out of those who are not qualified and licensed for furnace installation. This is another thing which can look expensive at the first sight, but you will benefit over time. Having a furnace installed by a certified contractor means that you’re assured of it efficient work, and all warranties given by the furnace manufacturer are valid.

Oil heat systems provide a reliable long run operation at a reasonable price, and you can better plan your finances with it. With a proper maintenance an oil furnace can last up to 20 years or more and be as efficient as a gas furnace all that time.