Need a Fast Sunday Oil Delivery?

If the fuel gauge on your oil tank is dipping dangerously low, don’t panic—Domino Fuel is here for you with prompt emergency oil delivery 7 days a week, including Sundays. We know an unexpected shortage can happen to anyone, and nobody wants their house to become cold and uncomfortable before the next business day.

As an established family-owned and -operated home heating oil supplier, Domino Fuel has been providing reliable delivery and exceptional service across the local area for decades. Our emergency delivery capabilities mean we can get to you fast when you find yourself unexpectedly low on home heating oil on weekends, holidays, or in the middle of the night during the cold winter months.

Flexible Delivery Options Including Sunday Service

Being stuck with freezing temperatures and no oil to fuel your boiler or furnace is a stressful situation nobody should have to deal with. That’s why at Domino Fuel we make our emergency delivery service available 24/7. When you call us outside of regular business hours, you can rely on us to deliver promptly on the same day—even Sundays.

We maintain a fleet of oil tanker trucks filled with premium-grade heating oil ready to dispatch.

What To Do If You Wake Up To A Cold House on a Sunday

Waking up on a Sunday morning to discover your home losing heat because your heating oil has unexpectedly run out overnight is something nobody wants to experience as temperatures drop. However distressing your situation might seem, just call the emergency hotline 631-779-3196 at Domino Fuel right away.

When you call, we’ll process your order, and dispatch a truck to your location for same-day oil delivery. First we’ll ask for your address, oil fill location and house description. Then we’ll ask for the number of gallons you’d like to order, and finally we’ll collect your payment. All you need to do is sit back and relax while we work on getting a truck to you as soon as possible.

There’s no need to wait through frigid temperatures for your next scheduled top-up. Within hours on that same Sunday you’ll have oil in your home’s oil tank.

Dependable Customer Service

While speed and reliability during emergency heating situations is essential, caring customer service also plays a big role in reducing the stress of the situation. Our team at Domino Fuel understands dealing with an unexpected Sunday oil shortage is stressful, so we make every effort to reassure you with a helpful professional approach throughout the delivery process.

Don’t hesitate to call us about becoming a customer of Domino Fuel to arrange future heating oil deliveries. When winter weather brings sub-zero temperatures, make sure you have a dependable partner keeping your household or business warm!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the payment options for Sunday oil delivery?

For Sunday oil delivery we only accept credit card payments, no cash is accepted.

What is the average cost of home heating oil delivery?

The average cost of home heating oil delivery varies depending on the region and the company. In Long Island, the average cost per gallon is around $3.00 to $3.50 for regularly scheduled deliveries. Sunday oil deliveries usually have extra fees.

Can I schedule a Sunday delivery for heating oil?

Yes, Domino Fuel offers Sunday oil delivery services throughout Long Island and Queens NY.

How long would it take to receive an oil delivery on Sunday?

Our Sunday oil delivery service is perfect for anyone who has run out of oil over the weekend, or is in danger of running out. When you call for a delivery on Sunday, we’ll put you on the schedule and dispatch a truck to your location within 2 to 6 hours.