On-site Diesel Delivery on Long Island

Domino Fuel provides on-site delivery of Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel throughout Long Island. Whether you’re operating a commercial fleet or running generators at job sites, you can count on Domino Fuel’s diesel delivery service for prompt, reliable delivery.

To order a diesel delivery, please call us at 631-779-3196

We deliver diesel to:


Job sites/Generators

Boats and marinas

 – Fleets – Any size fleet can be handled by our company.  None are too small or large.

 – Job sites/Construction sites/Generators Diesel Delivery

 – Marinas and Boats – Premium Marine Diesel – We’ll accommodate Single Boat Owners or Large Marinas

Get Dockside Diesel Fuel Service, delivered directly to your boat!

Discounted Diesel Deliveries For:

  • Boatyards
  • Marinas
  • Yacht Clubs
  • Fishing Boats
  • Ferries & More

For pricing and delivery arrangements, please call us at 631-779-3196

We’ll come to your Marina and fill individual boats or your filling station.  Purchase small amounts daily to reduce seasonal inventory, or large quantities early on, then phase out as the season comes to a close.  Any delivery option you choose is available.

Domino Fuel works with you to provide you with cost-effective on-site fueling. We’ll come directly to you!  As business expenses rise, on-site fueling becomes very cost-effective. Benefits include:

  • Eliminating your storage and fueling equipment while freeing your fueling staff for other assignments.
  • Keeping better track of fueling expenses, one price for all your trucks.
  • Maximizing driver’s productivity by eliminating driving to and from fueling locations.
  • Our professional drivers provide you with timely metered deliveries.

To order fuel or to discuss your fuel needs call us at: 631-779-3196

Domino Fuel has been providing high quality, ultra-low sulfur dyed diesel fuel to commercial and private boat owners since 1988. We are fully licensed and insured, and because your boat is a big investment, our experienced and trained drivers insure your boat is fueled properly without spilling or damaging it. Since we buy our diesel fuel direct from the terminal this insures you are getting the highest quality and cleanest product available. Fuel is not sitting in storage tanks over the winter months, breaking down vital components weakening its stability. Buying direct from the terminal to the truck insures fuel is clean and treated to combust and burn properly in your engine. We service any size vessel – from 25ft to mega yachts.

We come to you!

On-Road Diesel

Domino Fuel provides ultra-low sulfur on-road diesel to construction sites as well as commercial truck fleets. We provide savings to the customer in price and time since we come to you.