What You Need to Know Before Buying a New Furnace

What You Need to Know Before Buying a New Furnace You are noticing that your old furnace loses its efficiency quickly and repairs are more frequent and more expensive. These are all clear signs that you need to replace it. Before you start looking for furnaces on the web you should know that an oil [...]

How to Get Help Paying for Your Heating Bills on Long Island

Emergy Assistance Programs on Long Island All Long Islanders who have difficulty paying their heating bills may seek assistance from various government and non-government initiatives which can help them get heating oil for free, help with heating system repairs or install a new one, have annual maintenance checks for free or winterize their home. 1. LIHEAP [...]

How Much Home Heating Oil Will I Use This Winter

Average Home Heating Oil Usage on Long Island The most common question among people who use home heating oil is how much oil I will need this winter. It's no wonder, as heating oil is delivered at exact amounts (like coal and wood, and unlike electricity of natural gas), so it's best to estimate the [...]

How Quality Fuel Oil Can Lower Your Heating Bill

How Quality Heating Oil Can Lower Your Heating Costs Home heating oil may sometimes contains impurities such as sulfur, ash or other filth. Modern refining processes, however, give us a very clean heating oil which is not only good for the environment, but also for your budget. Clean oil burns more efficiently and is less likely [...]

Why Heating Oil is the Best Choice for Long Island

Why Heating Oil is the Best Choice for Long Island During the last 30 years, many homes throughout the US switched from heating oil to other sources of heat, primarily natural gas, sometimes electricity or propane, but that is not the case on Long Island. Residents of Long Island know the benefits of heating oil [...]

Home Heating Oil Prices on Long Island Continue to Drop

Home Heating Oil Prices on Long Island Continue to Drop After experiencing frigid conditions and high energy prices in the previous year, most US consumers will be able to save substantially more this coming winter season, mainly because a milder season is anticipated, the Energy Department forecasted in the beginning of October. Households that depend [...]

Leaking Fuel Oil Tanks – Avoiding Pricey Issues With Oil Spills and Leakage

A leaking fuel oil tank can turn out to be a severe fire and environmental hazard. Whether or not the tank is situated inside or outdoors the house, a spill can contaminate groundwater affecting private wells or other nearby drinking water supplies. 1 cup of fuel oil can contaminate sufficient water to fill an Olympic-size [...]

Should You Order Your Heating Oil During the Summer time Months?

As a customer should you purchase Heating oil within the summer time? The apparent answer is yes, simply because demand is much less within the summer time, consequently costs ought to be less expensive. Now is this an more than simplification from the pricing technique for heating oil, because it's topic to worldwide provide and [...]

Ways to save on Home Heating Oil

How you can save on your home heating oil bill The price of heating oil has risen to levels many of us couldn't have imagined as recently as just a few years ago. This leap in rates has sent many people searching to find ways to save on their monthly utility bills, particularly during the [...]

Tips on Choosing a Reliable Contractor to Remodel Your Home

How to choose a trustworthy contractor for your home improvement project Looking for a wonderful home improvement contractor is not as difficult as some would believe. While you may have been frightened by stories of contractors who ripped someone off or left their home in shambles, this kind of incident is relatively rare. In this [...]