Serving since 1980 for over 34 years Domino fuel is proud to provide the best quality fule oil at cheaper rates. We closely watch the market to offer our clients the best service at lower rates; our services include from Home Heating Oil Delivery to HVAC services, boiler repair, oil burner service, furnace repair, air conditioning service and much more.

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Some Sample Home Heating Oil Prices by Towns in Long Island based for 200 Gallons COD oil:

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Prices below are to give you information only

Town Names:

Babylon $3.179

Bay Shore $3.269

Brentwood $3.269

Centereach $3.239

Hempstead $3.379

Hicksville $3.379

Huntington $3.259

Islip $3.179

Islip $3.239

Manorville $3.239

Massapequa $3.379

Mastic $3.239

Medford $3.239

Melville $3.379

Merrick $3.379

Oakdale $3.239

Patchogue $3.239

Ridge $3.239

Riverhead $3.179

Ronkonkoma $3.239

Shirley $3.239

Southampton $3.439

Southold $3.379

Wading River $3.239

Westhampton $3.439

Which towns in Long Island have higher Home Heating Oil Prices?

Some towns with a bigger distance to Fuel Terminals have higher prices. But our costumers always get charged the same based price because we only operate within 30 miles so we can offer same low Home Heating Oil Price to anyone.

Why do Home Heating Oil Prices increase in winter?

Home Heating Oil Prices increase because of the supply and demand factors and geopolitical reasons.

We suggest home owners to fill up their tanks in summer for the biggest savings.

Are the average Long Island Home heating Oil prices higher than other New York Areas?

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Low Home heating Oil Price is based on competition which we already have and Fuel terminal distances To Homes which already have too serving Long Island as well as several Wholesale Fueling locations for Home Heating Oil companies. Therefore we believe us Long Islanders are lucky to have these options.

How can I monitor Home heating Oil Prices daily?

You can check the prices on Google’s search engine by typing Home heating Oil prices in Long Island or check our web site to see daily Home Heating Oil Prices.

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How can I find Cheaper Home Heating Oil delivered to my House than average prices?

If you are on a tight budget looking for discount and not needing an urgent delivery please email us at and give us your house location so we can contact you when we have a nearby delivery location – this way we will be able to give you cheaper price on your home heating oil delivery, Because we will have a truck going toward your area.

You can also check – a Neighborhood Heating Oil Group Buying Program (NHOGB) where you can order heating oil jointly with your neighbors and save with significantly reduced fuel oil prices. Domino fuel participates in the NHOGB Program, you can order here:

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