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The best service I had as far as heating oil is concerned, the pricing is great and the owner was super helpful and quick response, I recommended this company to anyone who uses heating oil, very good service.

~ Pam B.

Cheapest Oil Prices in Rosedale NY

We know you have a lot of options when it comes to ordering home heating oil in Queens NY. Commitment to quality, reasonable prices and attention to detail… There are many reasons homeowners prefer Domino Fuel over other Rosedale companies. Our customers trust us because:

  • Always Affordable Pricing

  • Same Day, 24-Hour Service

  • Emergency Oil Deliveries

  • No Contract Required

  • Convenient Payment Options

  • Outstanding Customer Support

Heating oil delivery Rosedale


Fast and affordable home heating oil delivery in Queens – no contract required. Convenient payment options and online ordering.

Emergency oil delivery Rosedale


Out of oil? We’ve got you covered! Just give us a call and place an order for emergency delivery, and we’ll send a truck to you asap.

Cheap oil delivery Rosedale


We’re focused on providing the cheapest oil prices in Queens, along with outstanding customer service and fast response times.

Diesel fuel delivery Rosedale


We deliver off-road and on-road diesel to your construction site in Rosedale, farm, boat or fleet. Call us today for a free quote on diesel fuel.

Automatic oil delivery Rosedale


Don’t have time to keep track of your oil levels? Sign up for automatic delivery and we’ll take care of keeping your oil tank full year round.

Same Day Oil Delivery Rosedale


Need a heating oil delivery fast? Schedule a same-day delivery and we’ll send out a truck to you as soon as possible, usually within 4 hours.


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On average, 100 gallons of oil can last anywhere from 4 to 7 weeks in the summer, and from 1 to 3 weeks in the winter. Oil usage depends on the size of your home, quality of insulation, temperature setting, and outside temperature.

Demand for heating oil increases during the winter months and can potentially lead to an increase in oil prices. Many other factors such as weather events, global economic factors, geopolitical events and inventory levels determine oil prices so it’s impossible to predict if prices will go up in the winter or not.

The cheapest month to buy home heating oil on Long Island is usually during the summer months, specifically July and August. During this time, demand for heating oil is lower, and suppliers may offer lower prices to attract customers.

250 gallons of oil last around a month in the winter for an average size home. Keep in mind that your home may use more or less oil depending on your thermostat settings, quality of insulation, household size,  energy conservation practices and heating system efficiency.

You can save money on heating oil by a combination of energy-efficient practices, smart investments, and mindful habits, such as improving insulation, sealing air leaks, upgrading your heating equipment, investing in a programmable thermostat and energy-efficient windows. You can also compare prices from different suppliers and check if there are any government or local energy assistance programs that provide financial support for heating costs. One such program is HEAP.

Yes, you can get a same-day oil delivery on Long Island by calling our customer service number at 631-779-3196.

Home heating oil prices in Queens NY vary from day to day, you can check today’s heating oil price in Rosedale by clicking here.

The average price of home heating oil per gallon in Queens NY is $3.299 for 150 gallons, $3.199 for 200 gallons, and $3.099 for 300 gallons. These prices are for #2 fuel oil and credit card payment.

There’s no specific day when oil prices are cheapest. Oil prices are influenced by a multitude of factors, including global supply and demand dynamics, geopolitical events, economic indicators, and market speculation. These factors can lead to fluctuations in oil prices on a daily basis. If you are looking to buy heating oil, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on general market trends, monitor news related to the energy sector, and consider working with reputable suppliers who can offer competitive prices based on current market conditions.

Yes, many suppliers offer discounts for fuel oil. Please visit our Coupons page for up-to-date discounts and promo codes.

If you run out of oil, please call us right away so that we can put you on the schedule for a same-day delivery. In the meantime, please turn your boiler off so that sludge doesn’t get sucked in your lines. After delivery, you may need a prime-start. Please let the driver know if your heating system doesn’t start after the oil is delivered, and he can restart it for you.

Whether or not to sign up for a service contract depends on your specific situation, needs, and preferences. Service contracts often include benefits such as regular maintenance, emergency repairs, and priority service. Consider whether the services offered in the contract align with your needs and whether you value the convenience of having these services readily available. Compare the cost of the service contract to the potential expenses you might incur without one. Generally, if your heating system is newer, you most likely won’t need repairs throughout the year, and it would be cheaper to just get an annual tune-up and then COD oil. This way you’re not locked in to a specific provider and you can select the cheapest oil prices when ordering oil. On the other hand, if your heating system is older, you may benefit from a service contract. Compare the benefits and costs of the service contract to other options, such as paying for maintenance and repairs on an as-needed basis.


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How To Find The Best Heating Oil Price in Rosedale NY

Home heating oil prices in Queens NY can have a significant impact on household budgets. Finding the best prices for home heating oil is important for cost savings and budget planning; Residents can take advantage of various strategies to find the cheapest home heating oil prices in Queens.

One strategy is to compare prices from multiple suppliers to find the best deals. Joining a local oil buying group can also be beneficial in getting discounted prices. Taking advantage of early-buy programs and pre-purchase options can help lock in lower prices. Monitoring price trends and planning purchases during periods of lower demand can also lead to cost savings. Additionally, costumers can negotiate with suppliers to get better deals or ask about any available discounts or promotions.

Average Home Heating Oil Prices in Queens

The average heating oil prices in Queens fluctuate throughout the year. Prices are influenced by various factors such as crude oil prices, supply and demand, and weather conditions. Government agencies and industry organizations track and report on average prices in Queens.

For example, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) provides information on the average prices in New York State. Queens has a higher demand for heating oil compared to other regions in New York State, which can contribute to price variations. Prices may also vary between different towns and neighborhoods in Queens, depending on factors such as proximity to oil terminals and distribution networks.

Factors Affecting Home Heating Oil Prices

Crude oil prices have a significant impact on prices. Other factors such as supply and demand, weather conditions, and geopolitical events can also influence prices. Changes in government policies and regulations can affect the cost of producing and distributing heating oil.

Market competition among suppliers can lead to price variations in home heating oil prices as well. By staying informed about these factors, consumers can better understand the dynamics of heating oil prices and make informed decisions about their energy costs.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Home Heating Oil Prices

To find low heating oil prices in Queens and save money, follow these tips:

  • Compare prices from multiple suppliers to find the best deals.
  • Consider joining a local oil buying group to benefit from bulk purchasing and discounted pricing.
  • Take advantage of early-buy programs and pre-purchase options to lock in lower prices.
  • Monitor price trends and plan purchases during periods of lower demand.
  • Negotiate with suppliers to get better deals or ask about any available discounts or promotions.

How to Order Heating Oil

Our user-friendly website allows you to view current prices, schedule a delivery, and pay securely. We aim to make the process of buying heating oil online as easy and stress-free as possible.

We’re your trusted family-owned and operated heating oil company in Queens. We specialize in providing high-quality heating oil at low price per gallon, making it easy to order heating oil online or over the phone, and access cash heating oil options. With timely oil deliveries in Suffolk County and Nassau county you can start saving as soon as your next delivery. We also offer convenient payment options and same day heating oil delivery.


At Domino Fuel, we strive to offer the best heating services in the Rosedale area. We know how difficult it can be to find a local company that values your time, delivers five-star service and treats your home with respect. You can count on us to provide you with:

  • Fast, Affordable Service

  • No Contracts or Commitments

  • Convenient Payment Options

  • 24/7 Customer Support