The vast majority of our customers are amazing and wonderful, and it’s a pleasure serving them. However, as every business owner would tell you, there are inevitably some bad apples that try to wiggle their way out of paying and do anything possible to get away without paying their bill. Here is a list of our worst encounters; business owners BEWARE, do not get involved with these people unless you’re ready to give away your product or service for free.

Caitlin Cunningham Maldarelli , residing at 261 radio ave Miller place NY 11764 – she ordered two separate oil deliveries in 2016 and paid with bad checks for both. She currently owes us over $800 and is refusing to pay although we have a court judgement against her. Her husband Louis Maldarelli says we won’t get a payment anytime soon and they’ll pay after they sell their house one day, which he has no intention of selling. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH HER OR HER HUSBAND – THEY ARE BOTH SCAM ARTISTS! Case will be forwarded to Sheriff for judgement execution.

James Deutsch, residing at 4 elm st, East Patchogue 11772 – gave a fake check for an oil delivery. Police have been informed and are investigating. Mr. Deutsch, it’s hardly worth it to get in trouble with the law over a 75 gallons of oil bill but have it your way. We tried to collect from you for over a year. If you paid even $10 a month since your delivery, this could all have been avoided.